Lectures and presentations

Sustainable Brain Health Project 

Talk: Brain and Mind. Kaisa Hartikainen, Väestöliitto, Helsinki. 2018

Talk: Brain and Mind from Behavioral Neurology Perspective Kaisa Hartikainen, 8.11.2018. 30 Year Anniversary Seminar of Tammenlehvä Rehabilitation Center at Tampere Talo, Tampere, Finland

Talk: Task-related frontal alpha asymmetry as a potential biomarker for the impact of neuromodulation on affective brain circuits. Kaisa Hartikainen 21.9.2018. Rome, Italy.  First Annual Oslo-Berkeley meeting on Neural Oscillations and Human Behavior

Talk:  Deep Brain Stimulation as a Novel Window into Human Brain Structure-Function Relationship: Thalamic Nuclei in Affective and Cognitive Functions. Kaisa Hartikainen 28.03.2018, Broad Institute, MIT, Boston, USA

Thesis Defense:  16.3.2018 kello 12, Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto, Rakennustalon auditorio. Väitöstilaisuus: Rich & Orderly: The Role of Visual Complexity and Order in Intuitive Preference for Apartment Interiors, Noora Pihlajarinne-Lassila.

New Research on ECT and development of neuromodulation for treatment of depression (Nordic Association for Convulsive Therapy (NACT) meeting in Nyköping, Sweden, 2016)