Talks on behavioral neurology and brain research

Talks given by distinguished Behavioral Neurologists and Brain Researchers

TED Talks

Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel on understanding human mind in biological terms

Vilayanur Ramachandran on Your Mind

Oliver Sacks on Charles Bonnet’s syndrome

Christof Koch on The scientific pursuit of consciousness

Steven Laureys From brain to consciousness and Traumatic Brain Injury

Robert Sapolsky The biology of our best and worst selves

Other Talks

Robert Sapolsky The Uniqueness of Humans, Stanford University, Class Day Lecture 2009

Marsel Mesulam, Director of Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer research center at Northwestern University on Imaging the Brain, Reading the Mind

The Complexity of Human Decision Making | Robert Thomas Knight, University of California at Berkeley

Fronto-temporal dementia and Profile of Dr. Bruce Miller, Memory and Aging Center, UCSF Medical Center

Understanding Thalamic Function, Michael Halassa

Meet Guoping Feng, McGovern Institute For Brain Research at MIT

Meet Nancy Kanwisher, McGovern Institute For Brain Research at MIT

Modeling and decoding the human brain, Jack L. Gallant, University of California at Berkeley

The role of thalamo-cortical interactions in spatial attention, Sabine Kastner, Princeton University