Thesis and patient leaflets

Ph.D. Thesis

Rich & Orderly: The Role of Visual Complexity and Order in Intuitive Preference for Apartment Interiors, MSc Noora Pihlajarinne-Lassila, Tampere University of Technology, 2018

Impact of neuromodulation on cognitive and affective brain functions in humans, M.Sc. Lihua Sun, University of Tampere, 2016

Master’s Thesis

Threatening Music Modulates the frontal alpha asymmetry evoked by a threatening visual distractor, Otso Lensu, Tampere University, Psychology, 2020

Impact of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation on cognitive brain functions in healthy subjects- an ERP study, Laura Failla, Neuroscience masters program, University of Helsinki, 2019

Role of Orbitofrontal Cortex in Attention to Emotion, Elena Cesnaite, University of Vienna, Austria, 2016

Medical Thesis

Effect of frontal transcranial direct current stimulation on word fluency in healthy adults, Riikka Havela, University of Tampere, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, 2020

Computer based testing of executive functions in assessment of brain health, Mikko Erkkilä, Tampere University, 2019

The impact of arterial fibrillation ablation therapy on executive functions, Mia Pihlaja, University of Tampere, 2018

The effect of extraocular light on brain activity, Anselmi Kovalainen, University of Tampere, 2018

Impact of Music on Affective and Cognitive Functions.  Aleksi Raudasoja, University of Tampere, 2018

The impact of electrocovulsive therapy on emotion-attention and executive function interaction in treatment resistant depression, Piia Haapaniemi, University of Tampere, 2017

The immidiate effects of vagus nerve stimulation on executive and affective functions in patients with epilepsy, Katri Holm, Ph.D, University of Tampere, 2016

Emotionaalisten ärsykkeiden vaikutus tarkkaavuuteen ja toiminanohjaukseen lievässä aivovammassa, Venla Kuusinen, M.D. University of Tampere, 2016

Aorttaläppäleikkausten vaikutus kognitioon. Tuomas Nykyri, M.D., University of Tampere, 2015.

Syväaivostimulaatio ja toiminnanohjaus. Markus Polvivaara, M.D., University of Tampere, 2015.

Tunteet ja tarkkaavaisuus. Anna Siiskonen, University of Tampere, 2009.

Otsalohkojen toiminnan arviointi aivovamman jälkeen. Tuulia Isoviita, University of Tampere, 2008.

Ongoing Ph.D Projects

Frontal Circuits and Dynamics Underlying Executive Functions, MSc Ruut Autere

The immidiate effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on executive and affective functions, Katri Holm, Ph.D -ongoing

Impact of brain injury on emotion, attention and executive functions and their interaction, MD Venla Kuusinen – ongoing

The effect of deep brain stimulation on human cognition and the attention-emotion interaction, MD Markus Polvivaara – ongoing

Effects of Major Cardiac Surgery on Executive Functions, MD Jonne Liimatainen – ongoing

The effect of electrical neurostimulation on human executive functions and emotional reactivity, M.Sc. Jari Peräkylä – ongoing

Brain health and Executive Functions, Mia Pihlaja, Bachelor of Medicine -ongoing

Patient leaflets

Tietoa lievästä aivovammasta: Opas potilaille (2008)